Tablet Video Training 2.0 Webinar Replay Hosted by Daniel Levis
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Make Incredible Television With Nothing More Than An iPad Tablet or iPhone,
Internet Connection, and Less Than $21 Worth of Apps
To Get FREE Web Visitors & Make Social Media Really Work For Your Business!

Here’s what you get for $197:

  • How to record,edit videos, and add lower 3rd text with your iPad using iMovie app
  • How record narration under photos, whiteboards, annotation photos and screenshots
  • How to upload to You Tube, Vimeo and save for your websites and blogs
  • How to underscore your videos with royalty free music
  • 160 tracks of music you can import into your iPad for legal use in your videos
  • How to use the whiteboard app to annotate screen shots, photos and slides for your videos
  • Details of how to get traffic from social media trifecta, You Tube, Facebook and your blog in WordPress
  • The resources for hardware to mount the iPad on tripod or your desk
  • How to setup a Facebook fan page and automatically pull YouTube in
  • How to title Youtube videos and blog posts with long tail traffic generating keyphrases
  • Works with iPad, Mini iPad and iPhone, any device that can install the apps from iTunes
  • A skill you charge other clients to create videos, manage the Trifecta for them as a service, I do for $125 an hour!
  • Stay a member for only $10 a month and get new tutorials and 5 new music tracks for your video production, cancel at anytime, no problem!
  • and a whole lot more