Make Incredible Television With Nothing More Than An iPad Tablet or iPhone,
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160 tracks of Royalty FREE Music and 30 day membership of
How to record,edit videos, and add lower 3rd text with your iPad using iMovie app
How record narration under photos, whiteboards, annotation photos and screenshots
How to upload to You Tube, Vimeo and save for your websites and blogs
How to underscore your videos with royalty free music
160 tracks of music you can import into your iPad for legal use in your videos
How to use the whiteboard app to annotate screen shots, photos and slides for your videos
Details of how to get traffic from social media trifecta, You Tube, Facebook and your blog in WordPress
The resources for hardware to mount the iPad on tripod or your desk
How to setup a Facebook fan page and automatically pull YouTube in
How to title Youtube videos and blog posts with long tail traffic generating keyphrases
Works with iPad, Mini iPad and iPhone, any device that can install the apps from iTunes
A skill you charge other clients to create videos, manage the Trifecta for them as a service, I do for $125 an hour!
Stay a member for only $10 a month and get new tutorials and 5 new music
tracks for your video production, cancel at anytime, no problem!
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